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by Drija
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Cover in German SCHOTT CERAN ® Vitroceramic, offers you an innovative and elegant design, its security system allows you to be calm when cooking. The technology it possesses will make cooking an easy task.

When we talk about Electric Built-In Stoves, we are undoubtedly a reference in the market, because Our Electric Stoves are the best combination and complement for your kitchen.

In this category we have two lines of Stoves so that you can choose the one that best suits you, we have a luxurious and elegant Line, made of German Vitroceramic, but beyond aesthetics our Electric Stoves made of Vitroceramic have great resistance to heat and also daily use and repetitive.

On the other hand, we have a slightly more classic line that also brings luxury to your kitchen, which is made of SS304 Stainless Steel, a very resistant and long-lasting material. Its knobs are metallic and its burners are Solid Discs, which allows the heat to be distributed evenly throughout it and cooking is fast. The Vitroceramic Cooktops have EIKA® burners, which ensure optimal energy efficiency and fast ignition.