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by Drija
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It is made of German SCHOTT CERAN® Induction Hob, its electromagnetic heating system makes it a safe stove when in use, it has an elegant design and beveled edges, in addition to its Front Control with Touch Sensor.

Our DRIJA® Induction Stoves will be the best choice for your kitchen, its heating system through electromagnetism allows much faster cooking for your food, which not only saves time, but also energy.

Its design is incredibly luxurious and is complemented by German Induction Vitro Ceramic (SCHOTT CERAN ®), which gives it much greater durability and resistance. They have an ideal Security Device to keep the smallest of the house safe. Its Control is through a Touch Sensor that is located in the front part of the Stove, its handling is easy and very simple. They have a residual heat indicator and also an overheating protector, so it is very safe to prepare any dish in them.

Our Induction Stoves must be used with pots and special utensils for this type of Stoves, so that their operation is correct and no type of accident occurs. We like to provide you with the best technology, for your peace of mind and security.