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claret 12

by Drija
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A classic and elegant design to keep your wines in your home, thinking of wine lovers we offer you the best technology to keep them at the ideal temperature, and of course technology designed to respect the environment. Made of Stainless Steel and an LED Screen to visualize the active functions and their time.

Enjoying a delicious glass of wine is only possible if you keep it at the ideal temperature with our DRIJA® line of wine cellars, unique designs and the ideal capacity for your home.

Our Vineyards with Thermoelectric Cooling guarantee the storage of your wines for a longer time, they are also respectful with the environment since they do not have refrigerants or polluting oils, they have low energy consumption, which allows also that the temperature remains more stable and its maintenance is faster and easier.

Its classic design adapts perfectly to any kitchen style, its wooden grates are long lasting and the stainless steel grates are sliding, both with unique and elegant designs. It has Cool Blue LED lighting which gives you better visibility, reliability, energy efficiency and less risk to the environment.c