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by Drija
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  • Our built-in ovens will undoubtedly be your best ally in the kitchen. Its incredible Convection System distributes the heat evenly around its entire cavity, which allows for faster and more uniform cooking, and in the same way will help you save time in the kitchen. Their design is not only elegant, but also resistant because they are made of SS304 Stainless Steel so that their useful life is much longer, which makes us stand out in the market.

    With the Rotating Skewers Grill you will be able to roast the most delicious meats and chickens in a homogeneous way, thus achieving an incredible and unique golden color, added to this, its electric grill will make the golden color much stronger.

    Their doors are made of Tempered Mirror Glass, a safety glass, which makes them much more resistant than normal ones. They also have a fat collection tray that makes cleaning much less complicated after cooking.

  • Multifunctional Oven with 5 Heating Methods
    Stainless Steel (SS304)
    Mechanical Control
    Aluminum Handle
    Mechanical Timer
    Double Glass Door
    Cavity Cooling System
    2 Electric Burners
    5 Tray positions
    Collection Tray
    Maximum Temperature of 260°C
    Internal Lighting
    Convection System
    Electric Grill