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by Drija
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If you are looking for innovative technology in Microwave Ovens, we offer you the best, its cooking capacity allows you to prepare quick and delicious recipes in it, its Stainless Steel cavity allows you to cook in metal, aluminum and plastic-covered containers. resin.

When we talk about technologies that define us, we focus on technological innovation in all our appliances. And that is specifically what we did with our Microwave Ovens, because they have a wide cooking capacity, their Electric Grill allows the dishes you prepare in it to have a golden color and all your food can be easily grilled.

They have a Digital Clock that will help you to program the time in which you want the Microwave to work, together with an LCD Screen in it you will be able to observe the active functions and their intensity.

In addition to having a unique and elegant design, our Microwave Ovens are made of Stainless Steel, which allows them to last much longer and remain in perfect condition, their internal cavity is also made of Steel Stainless, which allows it to be cooked in metal, aluminum and resin-coated containers.

Its design becomes much more elegant thanks to the Tempered Mirror Glass, which is designed for greater resistance and durability compared to other glasses. In addition to this, its built-in design gives your kitchen a luxury that will make it your dream place.