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by Drija
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Its design is made of Tempered Glass, which gives it a more luxurious and elegant touch, while maintaining its technological quality and incredible features. Its Cast Iron Grills and Metallic Knobs are the best complement of this Stove.

Our DRIJA® Gas Stoves range from the most simple and classic, to the most luxurious and elegant, they have electric ignition and are made of SS304 Stainless Steel and Black Tempered Glass, both highly heat-resistant materials and they also give it a unique design that stands out in the market. They have Cast Iron Grills, which has been the best material for cooking, due to its great resistance, versatility and ability to spread heat equally. Its knobs are metallic, with safety valves to keep your kitchen safe and free from any gas leaks.

Our Gas Stoves have SABAF® Burners, always relying on the best technology. The Gas Cooking Burners have a high performance thanks to SABAF® technology, we currently have a 10-year Warranty with these burners.