Meeting tables

Amoblamientos Fantini has extensive experience in the design, development and construction of tables for boardrooms, sessions or meetings, side tables for offices, tables for dining rooms and tables for special uses. We have a complete line of ready-to-produce models:

  1. Circular MT-100 from 100 to 120 cm in diameter
  2. Square MT-80 to MT-120 up to 120 cm on each side
  3. Rectangular MT-180 for six users
  4. Rectangular MT-240 for 8 users
  5. Rectangular MT-300 for 10 users
  6. Rectangular MT-350 for 12 users
  7. Rectangular MT-400 for 14 users

Furthermore, we design and build special models of tables fully in line with the needs of each project.
Among the different alternatives available, our clients can opt for metal bases finished with electrostatic baked paint, melamine board bases or the combination of both finishes.


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