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Modular lightweight partition system

Hexapanel is a lightweight panel designed to be used in the development of construction projects for interior divisions for offices, classrooms, clinics, shops, call centers, etc.

hexa panel

hexa panel

Basically, it is a sandwich composed externally of two sheets with a highly abrasion-resistant melamine coating and a hexagonal multicellular cardboard core (honeycomb-shaped design).

Hexapanel offers lightness and manageability together with extraordinary strength and mechanical stability. Hexapanel optimizes the cost/performance ratio thanks to its low structural weight, high speed of installation and its possibility of reconfiguration.

It is available to the builder in the form of panels with dimensions of 1220 x 2440mm and 1045 x 2440mm, 50mm thick and in a wide variety of colors.



Hexapanel has a kraft cardboard core in the shape of hexagonal cells, each with a side dimension of 20mm. These cells are much smaller than those found in similar products, which gives the panel a series of advantages such as:

● Much more rigid and stronger product than other equivalent products.

● High acoustic insulation.

● Cells with a smaller dimension increase the contact area of ​​the adhesives.

● Core of non-ventilated cells, which encapsulate the air in closed sections and retard the flammability of the materials .

● Sealed cells that prevent the penetration of insects.